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Custom Standees

What Makes a Great
Life-sized Cutout?

Custom cutouts and life-size standees make a great addition to any party or event!


To ensure your cutout looks it's best, use the following guidelines when submitting your photos.


High Resolution

High resolution photos result in the best quality product.  To make sure your photos are suitable for cutouts, we recommend original, unedited images with a minimum of 150 dpi.

High Res Example.png
Head to toe.png
Head to toe.png


Head-to-toe shots work best for life-size standees.  Avoid using images that crop out the subject's arms or legs (or even worse, their head).


Make sure to provide us with unedited, original images.  Avoid using screen shots, thumbnails or images with filters for your standee.

Keep it original.png
Head to toe.png
Show Yourself.png


Unless it's intentional, avoid using photos that contain objects or other people in the foreground that may obstruct a full view of the intended subject.

good lighting

Make sure to choose photos with good lighting to ensure the details shine through.  Unless it's intentional, avoid images with shadows that cover the face or subject as a whole.

Time to Shine.png

more tips for better prints

Have more questions?

Reach out to us and we'll be happy to help!

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